office-336499_1280_narrowOur services are focussed on marketing and channel-management teams.  We talk IT, but normally as a bridge between IT and commercial functions.  We talk Data Scientist, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, DSP, DMP, SSP, and many other marketing dialects, often as an interpreter.

wearearctosYou’ll often find us down in the weeds – we like to get our hands dirty (well, as dirty as you can in an office).  We know how large companies work, so you’ll equally find us working with the CMO, the CIO, the CFO or anywhere across the C-suite.

Typically we work in one of the following areas:

Customer Engagement Design

  • Customer engagement vision, strategy & journey design. Helping clients define how, when, why, with what & when to communicate directly with their customers;
  • Business Operating Model – people, culture & process enhancement;
  • Customer Decisioning and Next Best Action.  Helping companies understand and shift from batch-based to customer-at-a-time marketing;
  • Marketing Analytics & Decision Science. Designing and developing the reporting, insight & analyses to help companies manage their customers effectively;

Marketing Technology & Big Data

  • Capability Assessment & Roadmapping.  Mapping ‘as is’ capabilities, the ‘to be’ vision and the best path between the two
  • Marketing Technology strategy.  Evaluating the technologies needed to deliver the customer engagement vision, and supporting their effective implementation
  • Marketing Data strategy.  Designing the marketing and enterprise information strategy and architecture needed to deliver the customer engagement vision
  • Commercial evaluation. Evaluating the costs and benefits of enhancing customer engagement capabilities, to justify the investments needed;

Operational Management & Delivery

  • Marketing analytics leadership, training, & transformation.  Helping clients build effective analytical marketing teams
  • Staff augmentation & interim leadership.  Extending and enhancing your resources in times of need
  • Outsourcing evaluation, transition & management.  Helping companies evaluate whether outsourcing is the right approach, and if it is, supporting the transition

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